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Ano Viannos

(updated August 4, 2007)

Ano Viannos is a village about 66 kilometers southeast of Heraklion. The village has been built against the slope of mount Dikti.

Ano ViannosAno Viannos

Until recently, there were hardly any tourists going to Ano Viannos. Nowadays a number of coaches full of tourists visit the village daily. Yet the village still looks fairly authentic. Along the main road through the village you will find several shops and a number of small terraces. When you rise against the hill from the main road you finally come to a church (Agia Pelagia). The road here is bad or very bad. However, the climb is worthwhile. In the small church from 1360 are a number of frescoes to be admired. Moreover you'll have a magnificent view over the village and the valley full of olive trees, from the plateau on which the church is built. In the west of the village is a small folklore museum. Here are things to see about how the people lived in the area previously.

During the Second World War the German soldiers raised hell in the village. On September 14, 1943 440 men from the village were killed and another 200 men were arrested. Much of the village was bombed down. This in retaliation for the resistance from the people of the village against the Germans. Nearby the village, you'll find a number of monuments in memory of those horrific events. The largest monument stands in the nearby village of Krevatas. Also during the domination by the Turks the residents paid the toll for the resistance that they offered.

The village is not reachable by public transport, but with a rental you can reach the village. It is recommended to take a good road map with you during the trip. The roads in the area are of reasonable quality. Also excursions lead to the village.