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(updated September 26, 2007)

The beach resort Malia lays 30 kilometers east of Heraklion and a little further to the east than Chersonissos. In Malia you'll find a lot of English tourists. All the businesses in the village are set to them.

MaliaFun at the coast of Malia.

In Malia you'll find everything you need for a beach holiday. There are dozens of shops, restaurants, terraces, bars and other entertainment. You can hire cars, scooters and quads. Excursions can be arranged in dozens of different places in the village. There are more than enough internet cafes and amusement arcades. Along the beach you can rent jetski's or make a trip on a 'banana' or as a parasailer. In the summer the English tourists are dominating the atmosphere. From early in the afternoon the terraces are full of English men who preferably wear football jerseys or tracksuits. The drinking proceeds till far after midnight. The apparently related behavior you'll see much in Malia. A great fight is no exception.

Of course, there are several beaches in Malia. These are often overcrowded. At night, the nightlife starts. Many restaurants change into pubs. There are also a number of clubs, including: 69 Club, Brits Bar, Cheeky 1/2, Cloud 9, Corkers, Cosmos, Exodus, The Factory, The Malibu, Midway, Saltire, Spice and UK.

Nearby Malia lie the remains of a palace from the Minoan period. Around 1900 years before the beginning of our era the palace was destroyed by a major earthquake. 200 years later, the palace was rebuilt. The remains now show the second palace. The construction of the palace is well preserved. You can visit the palace daily, but the opening hours are limited.