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The weather on Crete

(updated August 4, 2007)

A good reason to spend your holidays on Crete is the beautiful summer weather that the island is well known for. Due to the Mediterranean climate, the summers are warm and winters very soft. The average minimum temperature in the cities on Crete in the winter months lies around 10 degrees. For English people that is obviously not really that cold. The Cretan people think otherwise and find it freezing cold. In the summer, the temperature can rise to 30 degrees easily. In the midday sun the temperature can climb to over 40 degrees in the shade regularly. Even the Cretan people find that too hot.

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While it is difficult to predict, the weather on Crete mostly is already quite good in January. In March the real good weather starts to come. It is not cold, but also not too hot. In May the summer weather starts to come. The average midday temperature is around 25 degrees. The hottest months are generally July and August. In these months, it is often too hot to be out. Temperatures are ideal for a beach holiday. Towards the end of the year, the temperatures begin gradually to diminish.

In the inland of Crete, it is often a lot cooler. On the Lassithi plateau, for example, it always is about 6 degrees cooler than at the beach. Ideal when temperatures on the beach get too high.

The weather can turn easily on Crete. A clear air can change to completely cloudy in a few hours and a few hot days are often followed by a few days with clouds.

Here you will find a table with some information on the weather in Crete during the year.

Month Average
day temp.
in °C
night temp.
in °C
Sun hours
per day
Days of rainfall
per month
Temp. seawater
in °C
January 15 9 3 11 16
February 16 9 5 8 15
March 17 10 7 8 17
April 20 12 8 4 18
May 24 15 10 2 19
June 27 19 12 1 22
July 29 22 13 0 24
August 28 22 12 0 25
September 26 19 10 2 24
October 23 16 6 5 23
November 20 13 5 6 20
December 17 11 4 10 17