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(updated August 5, 2007)

As in most countries in the EU the national currency of Greece is the EURO. The euro replaced the Greek Drachma on January 1, 2002. (More information about the Greek coins can be found here). Ways to pay in Greece can be found below:


Logo's of Maestro and Cirrus

The best, easiest and most handy way to pay on Crete is by using cash. Other means of payment are sometimes not accepted. Notes with a value of € 50, and higher (!!!) are sometimes denied because the retailers simply do not have enough change.

In order to become cash you can use ATMs. In almost every village you will find an ATM. Before you use the ATM, you have to check if a sticker with a Cirrus or Maestro logo is on the machine. When there is such a logo on the ATM you can withdraw cash from the cashpoint with most European switch cards. All machines are able to display text in English. Depending on your bank you can withdraw up to € 750 and make three to eight transactions per day.

Travelers Checks

Although they are becoming less popular, it is possible to pay with Travelers Checks on Crete. Unfortunately, they are becoming less and less acceptable. The best you can use them to exchange cash. This can be done at almost any bank. It's required to show a European identity card or passport. The big advantage of using Travelers Checks over cash is the fact that they become worthless if they are stolen. So it is a secure payment. Travelers Checks can be obtained from the branch of your bank. They cost 2% of the value they represent with a minimum of € 3.40.

Credit Card

It's also possible to pay with a credit card on Crete. It is especially useful for paying large amounts of money, such as for your accommodation and car rental. A print of your credit card is often mandatory if you want to rent a car. It is also possible to withdraw money from an ATM with your credit card. Mastercard, Visa and Eurocard are the most widely accepted credit cards on Crete.