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Crete Travel Guide

Welcome to website Here you can find information on the Greek island of Crete. Annual millions of Europeans spent their holidays on Crete. Most of them come to Crete to enjoy the nice weather. But, Crete has much more to offer. This website is intended for those who want to see a little bit more of Crete than just the beach.

Crete from the air

You can find descriptions of a number of places, tourist attractions and about the history of Crete. We do also provide you with some useful information to help you getting around on the island.

The website does not claim to be complete. There are plenty of things on the island that are not listed on this website. If you think something is missing on the website or you think the information is inaccurate, you can sent us an e-mail. Through e-mail you can also send us your own story or description. We do ensure you that your story will be published on the website.

We started this website in 2005. We seem to attract many visitors to this site (over 250 per day), which we do not want to disappoint. Therefore we updated the information a couple of times during 2006 and 2007. At the end of 2007 a new member to our team started to translate the information into English. We are planning to completely revamp the website before the summer of 2008. Until that time we will ensure that the information on the site is up to date.

We hope this website is a useful tool for anyone who travels to Crete.

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