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Getting around

Almost all villages on Crete are accessible by road. Towns along the north coast are quite easily accessible by the main road (National road). Reaching places in the interior or along the south coast is often much more difficult.

For traveling on the island, most tourists use the buses. Buses on Crete are modern and drive frequently especially between the larger towns. Many villages in the interior are also accessible by bus. Although buses call less frequent in these villages.

As a tourist you have much more freedom using a rental car. It allows you to drive you wherever you want. Overall, the places along the north coast are accessible well and quickly. The roads in the interior are of reasonable quality. However, you will need a good road map to orient. The Traffic and traffic rules different somewhat from what people are used in the rest of Europe.

Of course you can also use a taxi or go hitchhiking to reach your destination. In many tourist resorts bicycles, scooters and quads are for hire. The use of the scooters canít be recommended. Very frequent scooter drivers get injured on the poor roads. For the same reason, bicycles are hard to find on the island. Traffic is bad imposed upon them. But, we often hear of people who have had a super cycling holiday in Crete.