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Rental Cars

(updated August 4, 2007)

In almost every shopping street in the tourist areas of Crete you can rent cars. Also in the accommodation where tourists stay cars can be rented. So, it is not difficult to rent a car. The rates offered by local car seem generally low. Usually you have to pay extra for a variety of insurance and the like on top of the advertised price. This while most multinationals who rent out cars give you a price which includes everything. Moreover the cars of the big companies often meet the high quality standards of the firms. You can make sure the car you hire is in good condition.

It is useful to inform in advance about the rates that are used. It is often also possible to arrange a car with your travel agent when you book your trip, often at a very competitive rate.

The price at local car rental agencies is generally 25% cheaper than the prices at the big companies. Often, the price advertised however, exclude 18% VAT. It is recommended to conclude a motor vehicle insurance with the lender. This will cost approximately € 9, - per day for a small car. The theft insurance of € 3, - per day is recommended. Often you should pay for at least half a tank of gasoline in advance, which can make renting a car expensive.

Large companies usually do not rent cars to people under 23, whether they use a higher rate for people between 21 and 23 years. If you are not at least 21 yet and don't own a drivers license for longer than one year, it is almost impossible to rent a car.

When you arrive at the airport and want to rent a car, it is best booked in advance via the Internet. Many multinational companies offer cars at the airport of Heraklion, where your car is ready when you arrive. We have requested rates of different companies on a number of occasions during the summer of 2007. Thrifty Car Rental mostly was the cheapest, immediately followed by SIXT.