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(updated July 14, 2007)

Unlike other countries in Europe, the taxi transport on Crete is an affordable alternative to the public transport. Especially when you travelling with several people together (up to four) the taxi is beneficial. The costs are divided by the number of persons that travels together.

Phone numbers
Heraklion28102 10102
Chania28210 94300
Rethymno28310 25000
Agios Nikolaos28410 24000

The taxi market in Greece is still no free market. Rates for taxi rides are charged by the government in Athens. There are two different rates for taxi rides. Rate 1 applies from 5 o'clock in the morning to midnight. The second rate applies in the nocturnal hours. Price two also counts when the taxi leaves the region where it is registered. Rate 2 is approximately 40% higher rate than 1, but still below the 60 cents per kilometer. For comparison: In the rest of Europe you pay a half euro per kilometer. There are charges of up to € 2.30 when you order a taxi by appointment. A taxi from the stand at the airport costs an extra € 2, -.

Rates from Heraklion Airport
Chersonissos€ 17, -
Malia€ 22, -
Heraklion€ 8, -
Rethymno€ 47, -
Chania€ 81, -
Agios Nikolaos€ 37, -

Like all over the world there are taxi drivers on Crete who can try to overcharge. Make sure that the taximeter is on when you enter the taxi and not get into a supposedly advantageous offer by the driver. When a driver says that the taximeter is defective, you may want to get off the taxi immediately. Overall, the transportation by taxi is spotless and the drivers are kindly. Most drivers speak a little bit English. Communicating is also not too difficult. If a driver does overcharge you can report to the tourist police. You can call them on number 171.

It is wise to point at the map to show the place where you want to go. Many places seem to resemble each other. When you pronounce a name a bit wrong, it's possible that you arrive in the wrong village. It is possible the driver picks up more passengers along the ride. This is an additional source of income for drivers, who not earn a lot. It is a very normal use on Crete.

On the island of Crete, the taxis are all in different colors. In Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos they are gray. In Rethymno they are white and in Chania the bottom is blue and the top is white.

Giving tips to drivers is a fairly common use, but not everybody's doing it. If you are well treated by a driver you can give a tip. If you feel that you are treated poorly than you just give nothing. In this way, good behavior is rewarded.