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(updated August 4, 2007)

Hitchhiking on Crete is possible, but is not common. Hitchhiking along the main roads makes little sense. People do not understand why you do not just take the bus, and leave you standing along the road. The costs of a bus ride are quite low, so the bus an attractive alternative for people with a small budget. Especially when in the middle of the summer temperatures rise to 40 degrees a ride in an air-conditioned bus is preferred to hitchhiking.

But in the inland the local people themselves are hitchhiking. Some places are accessible only by bus and car. If you have to drive somewhere, why wouldn't you take someone else who's heading in the same direction with you?

If you want to go hitchhiking than you may want to take up a position just outside a village in the direction where you want to go. International hitchhiking signs are not understand on Crete. You almost have to force a motorist to stop and show them that you are in a hurry. Most motorists will stop and then take you with them.