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Jeep safari

(updated August 4, 2007)

On Crete, many different excursions are offered, including the jeep safari. During the jeep safari you'll drive through the country with a group of people divided over a number of small jeeps.


Of course you don't come against elephants, lions and giraffes on Crete, as you will on a real safari. The possibility that you'll see animals during the safari exists, of course, but a jeep safari is about other things. During the trip you get to remote, beautiful and exciting places were other vehicles don't go.

During a jeep safari fun plays a big role. The various organizations that offer the safaris therefore do everything to make it comfortable for the participants. A jeep safari is particularly attractive to young people. But also older people do join the jeep safari. Also for them, such a trip is really very nice.

At the end of the jeep safari a barbecue is often arranged. Especially for people who stay on Crete for a beach vacation, but need a break, the jeep safari is a major attraction. Compared to other excursions, the jeep safari is affordable. Prices at the various organizations lay around sixty euro's (this includes the barbecue).