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The Minoan palace of Malia

(updated September 26, 2007)

The palace of Malia is after Knossos and Festos the third largest Minoan palace of Crete. The palace was built about 1,900 years before the beginning of our era built and covered an area of about 7,500 square meters. The palace was destroyed by an earthquake about 1,700 years before the beginning of era. It was rebuilt immediately. The remains you can currently visiting are mainly remnants of the last palace.

The central square of the paleisThe palace of Malia

The structure of the palace of Malia is approximately equal to that of Knossos and Festos. The palace is somewhat smaller. What makes the biggest difference in the ruins of the palace of Malia compared to Knossos is the fact that the palace of Malia has not been reconstructed. Virtually everything in the palace is still authentic. Also there are far fewer tourists visiting Malia, a visit will not be spoilt by mass tourism.

The palace lies almost directly to the sea and the inland directly behind the palace is very fertile. That has contributed to the rapid development of the palace. Around the palace other settlements arose, like the so-called "Agora" and Crypt. These excavations can also be visited.

The excavation of the site began in the year 1915. The Greek archaeologist Joseph Chatzidakis started the excavations, and French colleagues took over. They have excavated the palace as it is today.

In the middle of the site, you will find an exposition. Here they try to explain about the excavations. This makes a visit to the palace interesting. At the entrance you can buy a book about the excavations, in which everything about the palace is explained. All important parts of the ruins are indicated well, so you can orientate somewhat on the site.

At the archaeological museum of Heraklion, several discoveries from the palace of Malia are displayed.

The palace is open daily during the summer months from eight thirty morning to three o'clock in the afternoon. The entrance costs approximately € 2.50.

The palace Malia lies between the place with the same name and Sissi. Malia lies about 3 miles from the palace. All buses from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos drive along the palace. For the exact location, you can ask the conductor in the bus.