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(updated August 5, 2008)

The local beer / lager in Crete and the rest of Greece is called Mythos. In terms of quality the beer can measure up to the famous Dutch brands like Heineken and Amstel. Mythos is a light lager, with 5% alcohol, which goes down easily in the summer heat. Unlike other breweries, Mythos has no long tradition. It is brewed since 1997. Mythos is widely available on the entire island of Crete.


Also lager of other brands is sold in the tourist areas. Heineken and Amstel are generally available. Heineken is the market leader in Greece. Heineken on Crete is brewed under license in Athens.

The price of a beer on a terrace is generally lower than in the UK. For half a liter of beer you usually pay something between € 1,50 and € 2, -. However, there are outliers downwards and upwards.