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(updated August 4, 2007)

Mezzes form a dish which is typical for Crete. Actually, it is not a single dish, but they are all small snacks (finger food), similar to tapas. You'll find them on the menus in restaurants all over the island. The cold or hot mezzes are all served on separate small plates. Mezzes are of course made of marine products and other local ingredients. For example, there are mezzes with octopus, shrimp, snails, filled wine leaves, different types of meatballs, different kinds of beans, steamed vegetables and fried goat cheese. In most restaurants you can choose from a number of mezzes yourself, or you can leave the choice up to the cook. Many restaurants offer two types of standard meals with mezzes; a complete meal or just as savory snack. The meal usually consists of 8 different snacks, while the smaller variant consists of only 3 or 4. If you want to taste some of everything, you can just order a mixed dish: pikilia. Especially outside major tourist areas good mezzes are served. When you are in a nice little town and you need to have a lunch or diner you certainly must try the mezzes!